• The industry standard

    Professional, affordable audio recording studio and production house.
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  • From the ground up

    Our studio was built from the ground up with the help of Acoustic engineers and specialists with years of experience in the field so you can expect only the best, truest sound and stereo imaging as well as a comfortable and inspiring environment. Spacious live room providing outstanding lively drum sounds and controlled tracking of all other instruments. Comfortable, inspiring control room with outstanding acoustics allow adjustment till the finest details making sure that we deliver exceptional results time and time again.
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  • From idea to product

    Have a look at the music video as well as audio to the right. We handle your project from idea to product. What sets us apart? – We are passionate about music, have years of experience and focus solely on audio production so that our attention and skills are always applied to their best ability on the projects at hand.
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Our services include:

· Studio recordings
· Audio mastering
· Live show recordings
· Radio advertisements
· Audio to video productions
· Voice overs
· Cd and Dvd authoring and duplication
· Live sound system hire / rental
· Music consultant

We specialize in Rock and Pop music.

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